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What Branded Rotis Mean for India

The concept of branded Rotis is gradually catching on in India. Many women, who are working, find it convenient to buy them, heat them up, and serve them. It is a huge hit with them, since it not only vouchsafes the freshness of the food, but also taste that will linger on!

Branded rotis for the busy office goer

Got a minute? That is all it takes to heat up the whole wheat rotis and serve them. These uncooked rotis are refrigerated for maximum freshness so that you can simply heat them up for the very first time and get the authentic taste of home-made rotis.

Naturally healthy rotis for everyone

Branded rotis are naturally healthy and are mostly non-GMO – which means they are free of preservatives and chemicals. They have no lard, no saturated fats, and they are wholesome foods. They are also low in sodium and are 100% whole wheat. In fact, they come in vast varieties such as Mughlai rotis, Chicken rotis, and Achari Paneer rotis. Some rotis come in a hundred other varieties.

They are naturally healthy and made with the same freshness as home-made rotis. You should, however, check for the manufacturing date and the expiry date for these rotis since if not preserved, they can also catch fungus and go bad.

Nutritious diet

These branded rotis are better than store-bought rotis, which are unbranded and not as nutritious as branded rotis. Besides, branded rotis come with the contents written behind them, which imply that you know exactly what you are eating. The concept of gluten-free rotis is yet to catch up in India. Gluten can lead to the leaky gut syndrome in the long run. It is, therefore, imperative to check what the contents of the branded rotis are on the pack before buying them.

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