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The Taste of Paranthas: Indian Bread that define uniqueness!

Do you miss those sumptuous fluffy Rotis and stuffed paranthas made by your mother? Have you ever thought what makes Indian cuisine unique from other cuisines? Surely, not. It is the secret of love present in handmade Indian breads (otherwise known as roti or paranthas) accompanied with a variety of accompaniments that make food not only look good but taste heavenly.

People who have travelled the world and have missed Indian breads the most have come up with web portals that help you get a variety of Indian breads just the way it was served by your mother. Such business ideas are the brainchild of entrepreneurs who have taken a keen interest in developing business through serving food to target individuals who stay alone-away from their homes, those who want to celebrate the moments with handmade Rotis and Paranthas and for those who are in love with Indian cuisine.

Roti or Paranthas preparation is one the tricky dishes which need to be perfect in terms of softness and shape both. In India, most of the north and west India’s meal depends on these flatbreads which are said to have their origins from Awadh. It is also said that Rotis have been in existence in India since Harappan Civilization because of the main occupation of people – that was Agriculture. Not only wheat, but Rotis were made of Bajra, Jowar, Makki, etc. grains. It is an interesting fact to know that all the rulers who ruled India, including the Britishers, were fond of Indian breads and had taken up this in their own forms to their countries.

With online businesses established for selling Indian breads, it has become easier for people to have an access to fresh Rotis and Paranthas instead of frozen breads available in supermarkets. These portals serve all kinds of Roti and Paranthas – including stuffed, ones made on tawa, etc. Along with fresh Indian breads they also serve a combination of accompaniments which makes your meal mouthwatering even if you are staying alone, you have a party to enjoy or you are the one with a busy work schedule.

So, you do not need to wait for having your staple food that is Parantha or Roti, there is somebody only a click away and you will be served with crispy, fresh and melting in mouth paranthas of your choice with creamy yoghurt and spicy chutneys or seasonal pickle. Go, Grab it soon !!

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