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The Most Popular Parathas Across Different States in India

Are you fed up with eating the not so desi and bland food items like pasta, burgers, French fries and shakes? Why not shift your focus to yummy and piping hot parathas, the most popular India snack items. The best part of parathas is that they are very easy to prepare in a matter of just 10 to 15 minutes.
Let us discuss the types of parathas that are famous in different states across India.

South India- Parotta
All South Indians have their separate versions of parathas, the most popular is “Kerala Parotta”. It is primarily made using ‘maida’, instead of ‘atta’. These parathas are usually served with meat curry, chicken, egg roast or other side dishes.

West Bengal- Dhakai Paratha
A heritage recipe of West Bengal, Dhakai Parathas are soft and tasty parathas that are made by preparing fluffy dough of maida and wheat flour. It can be served with gravy dishes, curd or vegetable dishes.

Rajasthan- Moong Dal Paratha
An extremely popular paratha of Rajasthan, here healthy moong dal takes the form of a delicious paratha. These parathas are made using cooked moong dal, along with onions and potato for binding. Different varieties of spices are also used to add flavor. These parathas are soft inside and crisp outside. Amchur powder and crushed coriander seeds are added to give the paratha a distinctive flavor. These rich in iron and protein parathas taste best when served along with tea, vegetable dish or curd.

North India- Aloo Paratha
An extremely popular breakfast dish in North and Central India, Aloo Paratha is a dish with universal appeal. What makes these whole wheat parathas, so tempting is the tasty and soft filling of potatoes flavored with crunchy onions and spices. Amchur gives the parathas a tinge of tanginess and green chilies spike up the flavor. Relish the parathas with pickles, curd or ketchup.

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