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Paratha, the ideal breakfast

When they say: ”breakfast like a king” that does not mean we need to fill the breakfast table with a large variety of dishes and spend at least one hour in the morning to have it. It essentially means we need to take food that is rich in calorie and helps us in sustaining the energy levels for the work. There has been a long gap between the dinner we had last night and the lunch that we will have in the afternoon. This gap is crucial for our body and there is a drop in the glucose level. We feel drowsy, dull and sleepy. A wise breakfast would replenish this energy level and make us energetic and fresh.

Parathas are admired for their high calorie value and therefore, an essential element of the breakfast table especially in the northern India. Parathas can be plain, stuffed with vegetables or made from a mixture of finely cut vegetables and wheat flour. They are just delicious in all forms. A glass full of milk and two Parathas will fill your stomach and restore the energy levels. The combination is high in nutritional values because you get sufficient amount of protein, carbohydrate, fats and fibers, if the Parathas are made with leafy vegetables.

People who do not know how to make Parathas can buy from online shops like, the best way to order all varieties of roti and Parathas. The platter is full of taste with crispy Parathas and yummy pickles and chutneys. The Parathas made with a combination of different flours will increase the food value. The combination makes the Parathas digestive. Calorie conscious people can use refined oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil. The Parathas can be accompanied with margarine instead of butter, if you count calories in a food dish!