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Our Divine Offerings

Welcome to the world of home delivered fresh rotis and paranthas. For all those who are tired or have no time to cook, has offerings that will make you enjoy home cooked quality flatbreads in the comfort of your home. We deliver fresh and tasty Indian flatbreads straight to your door on time every time.

As we know, India is home to many, many types of flatbreads. The simplest, among them is of course the unpretentious roti. Rotis are made of wholemeal flour or atta as we Indians call it. These flatbreads are served with nearly every meal in Nothern and Western India and are often eaten three times a day. Rotis are made from a dough that is comprised of atta flour and water which is rolled into a thin, flat disc and cooked on a dry skillet. For the uninitiated, a roti can be thought of as something that is used instead of utensils in India! You tear a piece from the roti and use it to scoop up a portion of food. You will be both intrigued and delighted by the several popular variations of the roti that has on offer for you.

Parathas are a more extravagant variation of rotis. Like a roti, a parantha also uses whole wheat or atta flour together with water to make dough that is rolled into a disk, slightly thicker than a roti, and then cooked on a skillet. Paranthas are sometimes stuffed with various vegetables, such as potatoes, cauliflower or greens, or the Indian cheese called paneer. Indians love their parathas. There are restaurant chains that specialise in making paranthas. Delhi has the famous Paranthe Wali Gali which translates to “the lane of parantha-makers”. At, we offer a range of awesome, exotic and mouth-watering paranthas that will leave you longing for more.

We urge you to try out our delivery services for rotis and paranthas. Our sophisticated packaging methods combined with our delightful recipes are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.