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Health Benefits

Rotis and paranthas refer to Indian flat breads, which are a staple in most Indian households, and meal tables. While they can be prepared using a variety of grains, usually whole-wheat flour is more widely used, giving them an earthy and wholesome flavor and texture. While the taste of the Indian rotis is indisputable, its health quotient is not to be forgotten. The wholesome wheat four used in preparing these delicacies render them with a gamut of delicious benefits that you cannot ignore.

  •  Assists to lose and/or maintain weight

Rotis are a rich source of dietary fibers. The dietary fiber has a property to absorb water and swell up in the stomach, giving a feeling of satiety or fullness to a person. This in turn reduces hunger and the tendency of unhealthy snacking. The fiber or husk present in Indian breads also helps in cutting subcutaneous fat and reduce cellulite in women.

  •  Keeps a control on cholesterol

As mentioned earlier, whole-wheat flour is one of the richest sources of fiber along with the key protein – gluten. Several studies have shown that regular consumption of rotis helps control cholesterol levels and improves lipid profile even in the high-risk population.

  •  Helps in managing blood sugar levels

The high dietary fiber content in rotis and parathas makes them a low glycemic food, i.e., the sugars enter the blood at a slower rate, which in turn prevents a post meal blood sugar spikes and helps keep diabetes under control. In fact, the several dietitians recommend people with type2 diabetes to prefer rotis over rice and other staple grains.

  •  Trove of essential micronutrients

Wheat flour used in preparing rotis and parantas are whole grain flours and usually include the germ. These flours are a rich source of several essential micronutrients such as B Vitamins, zinc, iron, magnesium, selenium and more. Each of these nutrients plays an important role in the upkeep of various bodily functions and disease prevention.

So feel free to binge on some rotis or paranthas the next party. For more information in how we prepare our breads and the nutritional data of our products, write to us at